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Hollow Metal Door 1

Bullet Resistant and Bullet Proof Doors

Bullet Guard offers bullet-resistant hollow metal and solid core doors, manufactured to UL-752 standards, from level 1 through level 8. Hollow metal doors can withstand a variety of different ballistic levels, ranging from medium powered small arms up to high-powered rifles having 7.62 mm ammunition. Solid Core doors are finished in plastic laminate and paint or stain grade veneer.
Drive Up Pass Thru 1

Bullet Resistant and Bullet Proof Windows

The Bullet Guard Drive-Up Pass-Thru was engineered to meet a growing need to protect employees at drive-up windows. Ease and smooth action of moving parts on the Bullet Guard Drive-Up Pass-Thru assure the fast, efficient service drive-up customers expect.
Package exchanges are provided in standard and non-standard models for specific product handling in post offices, cash vaults, and other similar applications. We stock four different standard models in widths ranging from 12” to 22 “and heights from 14” to 16.” Transparent materials in UL-752 levels 1-3 and opaque materials in UL-level-8 are used to make these exchanges.

Bandit Barriers

Offering customized protection and access control for banking teller lines is another area we specialize in. Whether you are seeking to enhance existing security infrastructure or building a completely new bullet resistant system, we can assist you in the design, fabrication & installation of the protective armoring systems. Based on perceived threat levels, we can manufacture a simple transaction window or a complete site-specific barrier suitable for installation in any teller line. Our custom systems separate teller lines from public access. We can also provide bullet-resistant modular lobby enclosures to protect employees who may have their desks in the lobby area.

Our experienced design department will work with architects, ...
vertical offset walk up

Custom Bullet Resistant and Bullet Proof Transaction Systems

As quick ship products, our bullet resistant transaction windows are available in two standard sizes - 24” by 36” and 48” by 36”. Adhering to UL-752 standards, we manufacture windows suitable for bullet proofing applications in financial institutions, check cashing counters, pharmacies, and fast food services counters. Our standard transaction windows are available with U-channels, stainless steel recessed deal trays, and plastic laminate or stainless steel counter tops.
cabinet + sheet

Bullet Resistant and Bullet Proof Fiberglass Panels (FRPs)

We manufacture a wide range of wall and cabinet armor that are designed to defeat bullet, blast, or forced entry impacts. Our high strength, non-ricochet architectural armor is composed of multi-ply bullet and blast resistant fiberglass laminates, that are tested according to UL-752 and ASTM E 119 standards. By mixing correct ratio of fiberglass to resin, and maintaining right amount of heat plus pressure during the curing process, we ensure that each layer of woven roving fiberglass will delaminate from one another and allow for a controlled, non-spalling encapsulation of the bullet within the panel.
government police fire custom kiosk

Custom Bullet Resistant and Bullet Proof Enclosures

Bullet Guard custom designs, supplies, as well as installs bullet resistant / bulletproof kiosks, safety enclosures and modular ballistic barriers for varied industrial applications. With extensive in-house designing and fabricating capabilities, projects are guided from concept through design to manufacturing.

Complete assistance is provided to customers from custom designing to writing specifications for building kiosks. For both the local as well as the federal government, we have custom configured and installed many security kiosks in all levels of protection.

Attractive modular systems provide optimum bullet and blast protection. They can be put up or taken down with ease and completely transportable. When you ...

Bomb Blast Resistant Windows

To protect government offices, banks, store fronts, and check cashing stores from security threats, we manufacture four-sided, fixed bomb blast resistant windows that are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. All our bomb blast resistant windows adhere to UL752 standards and are available with non-pop out type and non-ricochet type frames that hold the glazing in place. The aluminum frame of our bomb blast resistant window is factory glazed with deep capture of 1 inch on four sides and fasteners on the protected side of the frame. Available in different sizes, our bomb-blast windows are designed to sustain high levels of pressure from bomb blast. For instance, a 4’ by 4’ bomb blast resistant window manufactured by us can withstand ...
Deal Tray

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Bullet Resistant Plastics are like very fine furniture. If properly maintained, this product will remain sparkling clear and serviceable for many years. We supply an approved anti-static plastic cleaner and special cloth with the Bullet Guard label.
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