Bullet Guard custom designs, supplies, as well as installs bullet resistant / bulletproof kiosks, safety enclosures and modular ballistic barriers for varied industrial applications. With extensive in-house designing and fabricating capabilities, projects are guided from concept through design to manufacturing.

Complete assistance is provided to customers from custom designing to writing specifications for building kiosks. For both the local as well as the federal government, we have custom configured and installed many security kiosks in all levels of protection.

Attractive modular systems provide optimum bullet and blast protection. They can be put up or taken down with ease and completely transportable. When you move, just pack them up with the rest of the furniture. Systems modules include wall panels, transaction windows and countertops. They can be installed (using only simple tools) as a complete wall or configured as a free standing booth, Optional modules include privacy side panels for interview booths, doors or complete mantraps. The bullet and blast resistance built into these systems adheres to Underwriter's Laboratories Standard 752 (UL-752). Ballistic Levels 1 through 8 are available.

Custom enclosures made to bulletproof safety standards are also enhanced with aesthetically appealing designs to make them suitable for any bank, embassy, office lobby, or other commercial applications. We can provide interior lobby security and access control too.

Be it custom or standard designs, all products are completely fabricated in our factory and delivered or installed on-site by our trained crew. This method allows for quality control under factory conditions and limited disruption at the job site. For over twenty years Bullet Guard has been deterring the bad guys at high-risk sites nationwide.
Unit of Measure



N/A Bullet Proof Kiosks Modular Ballistic Barriers Safety Enclosures


N/A Acrylic Glassclad Polycarbonate Laminated Glass Polycarbonate

Installation Capabilities

N/A After Hours/Weekend Clean, Ready to Occupy On-site Installation Professional Tradesman

Fabrication Capabilities

N/A Exacting Ballistic Tolerances In-shop Quality Control Made to Order

Finishing Services

N/A Powder Coating


N/A 24-hour Convenience Stores Banks Check Cashing Stores Corporate Courthouses Data Centers Drive-up Windows Fast Food Restaurants Government Offices Hospital Emergency Rooms Licensing Agencies Lobbies News Media Police/Sheriff/Firemen Post Offices Pre-assembled Judge Bench Panels Regulatory Agencies Revenue Collection Agencies Social Services Store Fronts

Modular Ballistic Barrier Features

N/A 1-1/4” x 4” Ballistic Capture Frame w/Powder Coat Finish Continuous Voice Port (Also Available w/Circular, Rectangular, Arched, And Vertical Offset Ports) PLAM Counter Top Lined w/Bullet Resistant Fiberglass (Also Available In Stainless Steel) UL 152 Fiberglass - Panel w/PLAM On Both Sides UL-752 Clear Ballistic Material (Glass, Polycarbonate, Or Acrylic)

Sample Design Process

AutoCAD Layout


Bullet Guard will assist architects and end users with a retrofit or new design for custom teller lines that make use of very aesthetically pleasing designs that allow for natural sound transmission without the use of amplified intercoms.

3D Layout


Turnkey Solutions

Consultations on Levels of Threat and Design Implications

N/A The first thing that an architect or builder has to determine from the user is what is the anticipated threat level. What caliber of weapon do you want to stop? Bullet resistant building products adhere to Underwriters Laboratories Standard 752 for testing and general concept of good bullet resistant protection.

UL Ballistic Levels are Level 1 through 8. Most commonly used are:
    Level 1, Medium Power Small Arm (MPSA) 38 cat, 9mm
    Level 2, High Power Small Arms (HPSA) 357 magnum
    Level 3, Super Power Small Arms (SPSA) 44 magnum
    Level 5, High Power Rifle (HPR), 7.62

The staff at Bullet Guard will assist you through the determination of the appropriate Ballistic Level for your project. Our live fire testing facility is available to assist you in the decision making process.

Underwriters' Laboratories is an independent laboratory whose standard UL 752 is used as the industry standard for architectural bullet resistant applications in determining different levels of protection by caliber and velocity of weapon.

Design & Owner Acceptance

N/A Use our experience to design applications that perform

We can supply your location with a very simple transaction window or a complete site-specific-designed enclosure suitable for a bank, an embassy, an office lobby or other commercial application. If necessary, we can make the windows rise or slide as for convenience stores for fast food establishments. We make drive-thru windows and walk-up windows for take-out. We are a full service, "designs to meet the threat", company. There is no job too small or too large in threat level for Bullet Guard.

Bullet Guard Corporation has been in the security business since 1976 and an Architectural Armorer providing bullet resistant protection since 1985. Our product line is scrupulously monitored for its bullet stopping ability by use of our in-house live fire testing facility. All of our transparent and opaque materials are listed by Underwriter's Laboratories Standard 752. We place these materials into Bullet Guards Ballistic Capture frames to insure complete bullet resistance and to prevent excessive force "pop-out".

Materials, Components, Details

N/A Most bullet resisting protection includes at least one window, a shelf with a tray for passing money or paper, wall armor and possibly a pass through (pass-thru) for larger articles or merchandise and at least one entry door. We supply all the bullet resisting sections including the amenities that make them attractive in a retail or office environment.

Custom & Modular Components
Bullet resistant windows.
Bullet resistant transaction windows.
Bullet resistant doors:
  • Aluminum framed, wood, transaction metal
  • All clear, Full Lite, Half Lite, Man traps
    Bullet resistant fiberglass wall armor panels.
    Bullet resistant natural communication or intercoms.
    Bullet resistant pass-thru for paper, money or merchandise.
    Bullet resistant walk-up or pass-through windows.
    Bullet resistant drive-thrus for car lanes.
    Bullet resistant and fire rated lobby wood and metal doors.
    • Design-Build Systems
    • CAD Design Services
    • Custom and Pre-Made
  • Fabrication

    N/A Whether for retrofits or new construction, custom or modular designs. Bullet Guard products are premade in our factory and delivered to the job site for final installation by Bullet Guard's trained crew or by others. This method allows for quality control under factory conditions and limited disruption at the job site.
    • Made to Order
    • Exacting Ballistic Tolerances
    • In-Shop Quality Control

    On-Site Installation

    N/A Products are factory assembled to approved shop drawings. Product is either shipped for installation by others or installed by factory trained crews headed by licensed general contractors. Bullet Guard is national in scope.
    • Professional Tradesmen
    • After Hours/Weekend
    • Clean, Ready to Occupy

    General Information

    Customers and Employees Safety


    Fear of being a victim or a witness to a violent crime is real. Today, the potential for being involved in a violent crime exceeds the likelihood of having a major illness, being injured in an accident, or getting divorced.

    More and more businesses are seeking the protection offered by BULLET GUARD PRODUCTS ! ! !

    The deterrence factor of BULLET GUARD PRODUCTS will protect you, your employees and your customers from being victims of violent crime.

    BULLET GUARD PRODUCTS are a passive, non-incitive solution to a potentially uncontrollable problem...a friendly shield in an unfriendly world.

    If your business deals with the public, BULLET GUARD Ballistic Barriers and related ballistic products are designed and manufactured to protect you from the violence and crime rampant in all sectors of society.

    With BULLET GUARD PRODUCTS, you, your employees & customers will come to appreciate, welcome and demand the protection offered by BULLET GUARD PRODUCTS. Shown here are BULLET GUARD PRODUCTS in a variety of suggested applications.

    Our Commitment

    N/A Bullet "proof" materials are only as good as the integrity of their design. We guide you to the best ballistic materials to fit your budget and your protection requirements.

    Our Products

    N/A Our product line is predominately custom made for retrofit and new construction. We offer complete design and blueprint service for our products.

    Clearly the Best Protection

    N/A Bullet Guard, the premier providers of protective barriers has perfected the ballistic Drive-Up Pass-Thru.

    The Bullet Guard Drive-Up Pass-Thru was engineered to meet a growing need to protect employees at drive-up windows. Ease and smooth action of moving parts on the Bullet Guard Drive-Up Pass-Thru assure the fast, efficient service drive-up customers expect. The customer does not have to leave the car to receive the product. The Drive-Up Pass-Thru in the 'product out' position reaches out to the customer.

    The Bullet Guard Drive-Up Pass-Thru is made of a high quality, extremely transparent UL 752 rated material. This material allows the employee complete ballistic protection during all phases of a transaction while maintaining a friendly, customer service oriented atmosphere.

    The Bullet Guard Drive-Up Pass-Thru is designed specifically for retail/fast food installations. Other ballistic products available from Bullet Guard include:
    Custom designed ballistic units for walk-up windows, interior sales counter enclosures, entryway 'mantraps', courtroom shields and modular transaction systems.

    What We Do

    N/A Bullet Guard is a design-build systems supplier and/or installer of bullet resisting (proof) products. Projects are taken from concept, through design, into fabrication and manufacture. They are either supplied or installed, as the customer chooses.

    We are here to help you, the architect and builder, make a bullet and bomb resisting protective armoring system you can be proud to present to your customer. Interior lobby security and access control is our specialty. Our Step by Step process and capabilities are out lined in this brochure. Call us at 800-233-5632.

    All design-build bullet resistant (proof) requirements can be met with one company, Bullet Guard. Made in America

    Finished Examples

    Arched Voice Ports

    N/A Arched voice ports are a clean and classic design that allows voice transmission to go around an overlapping back plate. It is customer friendly because there isn't any obstruction between the teller and member.

    Under Counter Protection

    N/A For protection under the counter, we apply UL listed, bullet resistant fiberglass. For new construction, we can supply directly to your millwork contractor so that they may incorporate directly into the casework and saving you money in the long run. For retrofits, we can attach directly to your existing casework and pony walls and apply a plastic laminate finish to match your existing decor.

    Vertical Offset

    N/A Vertical offset design is an overlapping "baffle" system that allows clear voice transmission and airflow. The sides are protected with a baffle so there isn't any allowance for a weapon to pass through.

    Circular Voice Port

    N/A Circular voice ports are more of a "central" talk-thru application. We can apply this application to the smaller and more difficult designs.

    Custom Storefront

    N/A Custom storefront systems separate the teller line from public access. We can also provide bullet resistant modular lobby enclosures to protect employees who may have their desks in the lobby area.

    In-House Manufacturer

    N/A Because Bullet Guard Corporation is an "IN-HOUSE" manufacturer, we can customize and build according to YOUR layout and requirements, not others. We also have an in-house Design Department so that we can work on a design that is right for you and quickly provide you with visual ideas.


    Banking & Credit Union / Financial

    N/A Bullet Guard will assist architects and end users with a retrofit or new design for custom teller lines that make use of very aesthetically pleasing designs that allow for natural sound transmission without the use of amplified intercoms. We have provided arched voice ports and butted designs in teller lines for a bank and a vertical offset design and arched voice ports for a credit Union. This design allows for more air circulation behind the bullet resistant barrier and for natural sound transmission. Both locations have Bullet Guard Architectural Armor under the counter and in the hoods above.

    Government / Police / Fire / Custom Kiosks

    N/A Custom kiosks and special projects are our specialty. Call us for help in your design phase and we will also assist in writing the specifications. We have installed a security kiosk for the Federal Government. It is a custom corner configuration with a butted design and closeable round voice ports. This allows the guard / employee to minimize noise in the lobby by closing the voice ports when there is no need to speak to someone. The voice ports open easily when a customer approaches.


    N/A We have installed a custom private interview booth in Santa Clara Hospital emergency room in San Jose, CA that allows customers some privacy with the curved sit down design. Only one company can design and build such a beautiful and safe enclosure. Call Bullet Guard for your next special project.

    Quality Assurance

    Licensed California Contractor # 712959

    Worldwide BBB Accredited Business UL