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Bomb Blast Resistant Windows

To protect government offices, banks, store fronts, and check cashing stores from security threats, we manufacture four-sided, fixed bomb blast resistant windows that are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. All our bomb blast resistant windows adhere to UL752 standards and are available with non-pop out type and non-ricochet type frames that hold the glazing in place. The aluminum frame of our bomb blast resistant window is factory glazed with deep capture of 1 inch on four sides and fasteners on the protected side of the frame. Available in different sizes, our bomb-blast windows are designed to sustain high levels of pressure from bomb blast. For instance, a 4’ by 4’ bomb blast resistant window manufactured by us can withstand approximately 46,000 lbs of pressure. We can manufacture bomb blast resistant windows that can tolerate pressure levels as high as 20 PSI.

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